On your first visit, the osteopath will ask you detailed questions relating to your problem, your past medical history, lifestyle and general health. He will then conduct an examination, where you may be asked to remove items of your clothing, so it's a good idea to wear modest underwear or bring a loose fitting t-shirt or vest-top and shorts to change into. if you forget, don't worry as towels can be provided to preserve your modesty.

In the examination, you will be asked to perform as series of simple movements, this is usually followed by the performing of some tests and checks by the osteopath. He will then examine the relevant areas using a technique called palpation, a highly refined sense of touch used by osteopaths to diagnose problem areas.

Following these simple procedures, the osteopath will discuss with you his findings and diagnosis, then the proposed treatment plan, including roughly how long your condition may take to heal.

Once this process has been completed and with your agreement, treatment can begin. This may include massage, muscle stretching, medical acupuncture, joint mobilizations and manipulations, exercise and lifestyle advice.

At any point during this process, feel free to ask questions.

After Treatment

It is quite normal to feel some soreness or even a temporary aggravation of your symptoms after treatment. These commonly last between a few hours up to a few days depending on you as an individual. If at any point you grow concerned about any symptoms you experience following treatment PLEASE CONTACT YOUR OSTEOPATH, who will be able to give you any reassurance or advice that is necessary.

Please be aware that the osteopathy/acupuncture treatment room is on the first floor of Footprints Clinic. If you have mobility issues regarding climbing stairs, please inform us when booking your first consultation so provision can be made for a ground floor consultation room.

Your First Visit

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